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To Stop Being Frustrated and Overcharged By Your Workers' Compensation Program requires a focus throughout an organization; but ultimately, your success actually needs to be driven down through an organization from the top.  Therefore, it is necessary for Business Leaders to clearly understand what their organization can and should be doing to control and slash their costs.  This enables leaders to both promote and support the proper actions and behaviors of their team, rather than waiting and hoping the correct ones are being taken. The later course of action (and in some cases, inaction or indifference) will ultimately lead to those feeling of frustration when things go wrong, and the overcharges that will affect your bottom line.


So you understand how your organization can stop being frustrated and overcharged by your workers' compensation program, David, Renee and Scott will go through case studies, many from David's book:

  • What are the issues impacting your company's workers' compensation results
  • How these issues are impacting your profitability, productivity, and competitiveness
  • What you as an organization can and should be doing to improve your results
  • Why it is important that that your organization faces these challenges head on



By attending & registering your book, you will receive:

  • Monthly WorkComp Advisory E-Newsletter
  • Invitation and Admission to Future Workshops and Webinars
  • 15 Resources to help you take control of your workers' compensation.

8 Reasons Why CEO’s, CFO’s, COO's and

those responsible for your company's bottom line should attend:


  1. Bottom Line, Workers’ Compensation impacts you TWO ways: your Profit & Loss Statement, and your competitive position in the marketplace. Workers' Compensation results are often an indicator of other issues affecting company's productivity and competitiveness. We’ll show you steps to take to improve your competitive position.
  2. 75% of premium audits are wrong, causing employers like you to be overcharged. You’ll learn the simple steps you can take to be overcharge and error free. (An analysis of a 44 year experienced Workers Comp Auditor and The Institute of WorkComp Professionals studies.
  3. Insurance companies don’t pay for employee injuries. You do! You’ll find out how the insurance company can get you to pay for all of your employee injuries, plus interest. This process can result in you paying up to 3 times what the insurance company doled out for your injured worker’s medical bills.
  4. Learn how the insurance company “grades” you when it sees what your agent submits. Do you know what your Risk Profile is, and how you can improve your Risk Profile and make your company attractive to the insurance company? Doing so will result in dramatically reduced insurance costs. Register by April 28th, and you will receive your Work Comp Report Card, which will provide some insight as to how insurance companies will look at your company when it comes to them offering you rates.
  5. Many employers hire “accidents waiting to happen.” You’ll take home 5 perfectly legal steps to prevent hiring costly, drama-creating, and unproductive employees.
  6. Why establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the right medical professionals can provide your front line defense from hiring the wrong employees and serve as your rear guard protection when employees are injured.
  7. Learn what you should have for each of your employees that makes it a simpler process for you to measure and manage employee behaviors leading to high levels of productivity, safety, and bottom line profits.
  8. How the traditional bidding and shopping process for Workers’ Compensation insurance is broken and whit it does not give you the lowest net cost.

I was not aware of how in-depth businesses really needed to go to understand the areas of managing injuries, back to work situations, and safety/compliance. I thought all of the subjects had a tremendous value to our company. It was amazing the amount of information and documentation that was provided. As an employer we need to keep informed on many issues. David was able to convey the importance of what documentation and information we needed to have and the time-line for when things should be done. The whole seminar was very informative.

Georgeann Mayhue – Smith Bus Company



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