Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged

Year After Year By Your Workers' Compensation Program

After two years of researching what were the core problems of 1,187 owners, executives, supervisors, foremen, HR professionals, and accountants, this book was created to help business owners solve those problems and slash their workers' compensations premiums.


Stop Being Frustrated and Overcharged is not a technical “coverage book,” it is a practical book designed to give you the insight as to what is affecting your company, what you can do to address it, and more importantly, the tools to achieve results!


It is written by a business owner, who happens to be a risk manager and has helped hundreds of businesses improve their bottom lines by well over $20 Million in the last ten years.



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David’s knowledge of Workers’ Compensation blew me away when he came in and uncovered $42,000 in overcharges. I would recommend David’s book to any company looking to make a positive impact on their Workers’ Compensation premiums.

— Alex Yawney, Odyssey Communications

Today’s technology has both overshadowed and enhanced much of yesterday’s craftsmanship.


Now, most of us would definitely not compare a risk manager or an insurance professional to the craftsman who constructed our home or designed that jaw-dropping structure that makes us say “wow.”


However, author David Leng aptly ties together a direct correlation between the risk manager and insurance professional to a craftsman. As a business owner, you will see and understand the uniqueness with which David works with his large business clients. You will understand how he “builds a fortress” designed to fend off a multitude of employee injuries, view his varying techniques in which to help you appreciate varying Workers’ Compensation insurance plans and how insurance companies think about you, then crush and ultimately control your Workers’ Compensation insurance costs.


The Institute of WorkComp Professionals has trained many skilled and passionate insurance professionals.  With this book, David Leng shows employers how he combines that skill and passion in creating a textbook approach to creating a Workers’ Compensation program that actually benefits your company.





Preston L Diamond, Managing Director

Institute of WorkComp Professionals, Asheville, NC



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