My workers' comp premium was strangling my company's cash flow.  I was in a panic, and trying to obtain as many quotes as I could get my hands on to try and reduce my costs.  When I first met David, I was about to accept a quote and change insurance companies, during the middle of my insurance policy term, that would save me almost $20,000, which was about 10% of my premium. I allowed David to take a week to analyze my situation, and I was really glad I did!


David saw that if I would have accepted that quote mid-policy year, my worst claim year would have been on my experience modifier for 4 years and not 3.  Costing me almost $35,000.


More incredibly, David found that my experience modifier was WRONG!!!!  Not one of the agents that I spoke to saw that!  David was able to get my experience modifier corrected, and my insurance companies had to return over $86,000 to me!


From the analysis, David saw that we also needed to improve our safety programs, hiring processes, and that WE had to better manage our injured employees instead of relying on the insurance company adjuster.  David and his team helped us implement all of these changes quickly, and 3 months later, he was able to leverage what he did for us and obtain an insurance policy at our renewal that was over $100,000 lower.


In a span of 4 months, David put almost $200,000 back in my pocket!

— Mark S. Duda, Duda Cable & Construction



Working with David we were able to enhance the safety culture in our organization and reduced our Workers’ Compensation costs by over $100,000 a year.

    — Gary Bowser, II., Bowser Automotive Group



David Leng is very knowledgeable about Workers’ Compensation and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge allowed our company to reduce its Workers’ Compensation premiums by almost 55%.

— Mike Spitznagel, JetNet Corporation



I first became acquainted with David’s knowledge of Workers’ Compensation when I attended a seminar in 2007. I took the opportunity to meet with David to discuss better ways we could handle not only our Work Comp claims, but how we needed to drastically overhaul our HR processes. The Benefits have been multitude. I have great confidence in ultimately can make a company more profitable.

— Colleen Maize, Kasto, Inc.



Throughout David’s career he has always been on the forefront of thinking. His understanding of insurance and specifically workers' compensation allow him to see things and establish practices that others eventually follow. David takes an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving resulting in both savings and added protection for his customers.

— J. Kieran Jennings, Esq., Siegel Jennings



David, you and your team really delivered results! After working with your team for just about a half a year, you dramatically improved the safety of our operation and very quickly reduced our injury frequency. Most importantly, you negotiated with our insurance company and took us from a 15% surcharge to a 15% credit... that’s a 30% drop in our rates!!! You gave us an almost $40,000 reduction in our premium!”

— Bob Mincin,  Mincin Insulation Services



David, you and your East Coast Risk Management team blew us away.


First, your team recovered over $42,000 in overcharges that my agent allowed to happen.


Second, over the next 7 months you overhauled our safety programs and hiring process. Your injury management team minimized a potentially uncontrollable and ugly claim which would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars in additional premium and rehiring costs.


Third, your negotiations with our insurance company resulted in an additional $49,387 (44%) reduction in my workers compensation renewal premium.


We figure you have added over $100,000 to our bottom line in just 1 year.



— Alex Yawny, Odyssey Communications



9 months ago I hired David and his East Coast Risk Management to implement their Risk Solutions Program. As a result, I just saved $57,494 on my insurance renewal. David met with me and my employees, toured my facility and put together an aggressive Risk Solutions Business Plan. He and his team started implementing immediately and are in our plant several times each and every month.


Working together, we have now taken back control of what was....an "out of control" Workers Compensation Program.


Because of David and his East Coast Risk Management , I saved 42% of my premium at my very next renewal!


What’s even better…I already know we have even more savings coming next year by continuing to work with them.”

— Robert Gottlieb, Gottlieb, Inc.



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